PT. Global Hospitality Consultant is continuing its service advising private and corporate, by providing creative and practical management solutions.

Amid Indonesia's rapidly growing hospitality industry, PT. Global Hospitality Consultant founders saw increasing need among private and government sectors for experienced management, feasibility studies, practical advices and solutions for hotel, resort, senior living, apartment service, condotel, property and tourism development problems.

Our Team of Consultants, individually have past and present work experiences with multi-national and international organizations and leading hotels worldwide and other various work experience whereby each of them have held a departmental head or middle-management positions.

PT. Global Hospitality Consultant has provided solutions, customized to meet specific needs of a variety of clients.  The experienced PT. Global Hospitality Consultant management team stays on top of the rapidly changing business environment, maintaining capabilities to meet future challenges.


PT. Global Hospitality Consultant team of professionals now makes available to prime Indonesian hotel organizations a wealth of past experience in hotels and resorts management and visionary ideas.

Each client and project, small or large, receives full attention to details it deserves. PT Global Hospitality Consultant team is responsive and flexible, that translates into the ability to adjust to varied conditions or environments to provide the best client services.

PT. Global Hospitality Consultant consults with a selected group of experienced professional associates on matters of architecture, structural engineering, interior decoration, surveying and banking. With such wide-reaching associations enable PT. Global Hospitality Consultant  meets a wide range of requirements for any client.